Army Parking Wars: WW2

Army Parking Wars: WW2 1.0

Drive army trucks in this parking wars game

Are you the parking expert your comrades need? Developed by VascoGames, Army Parking Wars: WW2 is a parking simulator game, set during the Second World War, making it the most unique app of its kind. As the player, it is your job to park WW2-style army trucks quickly and in the right place, so that your allies receive valuable supplies. Remember - your country needs you, so make sure you are on time and in the right place!

In total, there are 20 different missions to complete, with four different army-related vehicles to park, including a Hummer, a German truck and an army tank. The vehicles get increasingly difficult to handle as you advance, making it harder to complete missions. Ultimately, to advance, you will need to control the vehicle carefully, avoid obstacles and park accurately.

The game itself makes effective use of three dimensional graphics and detailed environments, allowing the player to become fully immersed in the World War II setting. One of the missions even asks you to take to the beaches of Normandy and avoid the trenches in order to park up and complete the mission!

With its iconic Second World War setting, variety of different army vehicles and increasingly difficult challenges, Army Parking Wars: WW2 really is the ultimate parking simulator available for your Android device. So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel today, park your vehicle and help your comrades march onwards to victory!

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This app has a PEGI 3 content rating, meaning the game is suitable for all age groups. In app purchases are available, with prices ranging from £0.79 to £39.94 per item.

Army Parking Wars: WW2


Army Parking Wars: WW2 1.0

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